Compare And Contrast Private School And Private Schools

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Public Schools are no Comparison to Private Schools.
I. Introduction
A. Private schools get talked about all the time just because the majority think private schools aren’t affordable. So, people automatically jump to side with public schools. The thing is private schools may charge but don’t face all the problems public schools have. For example, public schools are too big and don’t have time to help each and every student a teacher has. Public schools are just a big problem that almost no person realizes.
B. Private schools are a much better place for education. Public schools are no comparison to private schools.
C. Public schools are not a good place to educate kids. Public schools are too big, unorganized, and the school just doesn’t
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“Small classes equal to plenty of personal attention” (Kennedy).
1. Private schools have 300-400 students first through fifth grade. Smaller class rooms allow teachers to give each of their students the right amount of personal attention.
2. With more personal attention students could adapt better to AP and IB courses. With AP and IB courses to back up a student opens much more doors in education than any other regular student with regular classes.
B. “Extracurricular activities and sports help students to develop faster” (Kennedy).
1. In private schools students must participate in at least one school activity like a sport, band class or any other similar course. It is proven that engaging in a sport or any other after school activity can help students build a better relationship in their school, and healthier relationship with their teachers or other school staff.
2. A good idea private schools have is that each teacher has to be involved in a sport, either teach the sport or help support the students involved in the sport. Regular school teachers coaching their students in a sport can help by building a healthier relationship with their teachers and other school staff.
C. “Increase classroom sizes in the face of significant budget cuts”
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That is a good reason for why private schools are independent and raise their own money. Private schools have nice event for which they charge people to attend and that is how private schools get most of their money. Being independent from the government is a great advantage because all the money made goes straight to the school and not to any other places.
C. “Providing good opportunities at school does not guarantee success” (Hood).
1. Schools could have the best graduated teachers, the biggest or smallest classrooms and good programs willing to help students out, but that does not guarantee success. The thing is that success come from one self’s effort.
2. For example, public schools work with many different programs which are willing to help give money to those students who don’t have it and are willing to study and become something in life. The thing is many students in public schools don’t get help from those programs for lack of intelligence or lack of wanting to progress. Private schools have those programs as well and private school students take more advantage of them more. Not because private schools have better relationships with those type of programs, but because students are pushed by teachers to get to the programs expectations. Success has to do allot with the teachers interest in their students

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