Compare And Contrast Narrative Therapy And Depression

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Cognitive Therapy versus Narrative Therapy for Depression
One of the most common reasons adolescents seek treatment is because of depression. According to the literature on adolescent depression, some adolescents are more susceptible to to depression due to genetic predisposition and exposure to significant negative life events (Spirito, et al., 2011). In adolescents prone to depression, stress, typically from an interpersonal conflict, may initially produce a depressive episode (Spirito, et al., 2011). The research indicates that when an adolescent is under stress, cognitive errors (e.g., catastrophizing, personalization) and negative views of self and the future may occur (Spirito, et al., 2011). In addition to cognitively distorting
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In a study by Goncalves, Ribeiro, Silva, Mendes & Sousa (2014), the researchers specifically examined whether innovative moments (IMs), moments in NT dialogue that begin exceptions toward the individual’s problems. The researchers hypothesized that these IM’s promote a reduction in a client’s problems from session to session, which in turn elevates symptoms of depression. After conducting the study using NT with client’s with major depressive disorder they concluded that the more IM’s in a session the level of symptoms decrease the next session (Goncalves, Ribeiro, Silva, Mendes & Sousa, 2014). This indicates that NT techniques help to decrease depressive …show more content…
I need to ensure that I do not dictate her goal of treatment, seeing that my objective as her adoption worker is for her to get adopted, but that is not her wish. As a DCF adoption social worker it is my responsibility to help youth integrate past experiences with their present circumstances in a healthy, constructive manner, help youth grieve the loss of their biological family and transition to an adoptive family. Kara’s negative experiences in foster care have promoted her already low self-esteem and feelings of not belonging. Even if Kara wanted to be adopted, her faulty beliefs about her self-worth prevent her from feeling accepted. My focus with Kara needs to be around helping her reduce negative distorted thinking so as to increase her self-worth and decrease self-injurious behavior which will help her to feel that she has a place in the

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