Margaret Mcmillian Research Paper

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Margaret Mcmillian and Rachel Mcmillian
Rachel Mcmillian was born on the 25th March 1859. Margaret Mcmillian was born on the 20th of July 1860. Their original birth place was New York but their parents came from inverness and had moved to America in 1840 where the two sisters were born. In 1865 Rachel and Margaret’s father and sister died of scarlet fever. After the death of her husband and daughter their mother decided to move them back to scotland. In 1874 Margaret recovered her hearing after losing it to scarlet fever which she also caught but survived from. When their mother died in 1877 the Mcmillian girls decided to split away from each other, Rachel stayed in Inverness to look after her Grandmother and Margaret moved away to London to train to be a governess.
When visiting Edinburgh in 1887 Rachel Mcmillan’s cousin took her to many socialist meetings which opened up her mind to socialism. When she went home Rachel wrote to a friend saying "I think that, very soon, when these teachings and ideas are better known, people generally will
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Margaret believed that every child should have the ability to learn better in an open space as they need the space to develop, they will learn better if they are enjoying what they are doing and spreading their wings. They should learn in the open space and through play. Their philosophy also had the understanding that children need to be children, children need to be given the time and space to run, jump, play and imagine. Classrooms (shelters) should be light and airy with open windows and the sense of contact with the outdoors should be

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