Interpersonal Attraction Theory

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Name & Surname: Dorothy Nyirongo
Student number: 809901
Course name / Code: Psychology1 /PSYC1010
Lecture's name: Ms. Diana De Sousa
Assignment Topic: Block3 Assignment
Due Date: 19 August 2014

This essay first seeks to identify and discuss the two theories of romantic attachment which are interpersonal theories of attraction and evolutionary psychology theory. It will then, compare and contrast them. The main goal is to apply and evaluate their strengths & critique as to whether both theories are useful explanations of romantic attraction. According to AVEN Wiki on romantic attraction is a feeling that causes people to desire a romantic relationship with a specific other person. There are other two types
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What influence factors interpersonal attraction? According to Interpersonal attraction is increased by proximity, frequent contact, beauty, competence and similarity. A large degree of similarity on many dimensions is characteristic of mate selection. Self-disclosure occurs more when two people like one another. In comparison with liking, romantic love involves higher levels of emotional arousal and is companied by mutual absorption between lovers. Consummate love involving intimacy, passion and commitment is the most complete form of love. As stated on social comparison theory holds that we affiliate to evaluate our action, feelings and abilities. The need to affiliation is tied to needs for approval, support friendship and information. Additionally research indicates that affiliation is related to reducing anxiety and uncertainty. Evolutionary psychology attributes human mating patterns to the differing reproductive challenges by men and women since the dawn of time. Compared with women, men want more casual sex, they prefer younger, and more physical attractive partners and they get most jealous over real or perceived sexual infidelities than they do over a loss of commitment; women prefer slightly older men who appeared industrious and economically successful, women are more upset by partners emotionally …show more content…
The two theories of romantic attachment which are interpersonal theories of attraction and evolutionary psychology theory both theories were identified and discussed. They were compared and contrast, Sternberg’s triangular theory of love has been discussed. Applied and evaluated on different attachment styles and attachment effects on infant and adults. Similarities, strengths and critiques were discovered and both theories are useful explanations on romantic attraction.

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