Compare and Contrast for the History of the World in Six Glasses.

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AP World History Summer Reading Essay

Only one thing matters more than a liquid refreshment, getting a fresh breath of air. But liquids, unlike air, are more than just necessities for life. A simple drink that was used just to quench a thirst had the possibilities of being a political stimulant, economic sparker, and a cultural infuser. Tom Standage decides to magnify the microscopic drops of history that had seemed to slip our minds so easily as just a thirst quencher. Whenever someone picks up a nice cold glass of one of these drinks, they should know the history of it.
These drinks seemed to have done more than refresh us, they have served as economic sparkers and signatures for countries. What have these drinks done alike to have
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During the 1930s brought many challenges to America, but none of them seemed to be able to stop the growth of Coke (pg. 246). The Great Depression almost put everything at a halt, but since Coca-Cola depicted an appealingly happy and care-free world, it still prospered throughout the Great Depression (pg. 247). Many people thought that the end of prohibition would have large affects on the Coca-Cola Co., but the company’s brilliant publicist, Archie Lee, had slowly publicized Coke as a family-friendly replacement for drinking beer (pg. 247). Coke had now become a family-friendly drink that could help you escape the gloomy reality of the economic climate, and served as an economic sparker when everything else was at stop (pg. 247).
Who would’ve ever thought something so small would be even recognized as a cultural infuser? Though these 3 drinks are totally different in their time periods, they have a couple similar ways in which they affect our culture. One of the similarities they all share is that their cultural usage has not changed much to this day. As it seems to be the most important, the power of spreading, each drink had made some form of an impact on a culture and had then spread to other cultures. These three drinks do look like they have some aspects that are similar to each other; and these aspects are the characteristics of a drink that need to appear when having such a large impact on culture.
Looking past the

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