Compare And Contrast Essay Describing My Father

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If I have to describe one person that appear right away in my mine now, that is my father. I don 't know why? It maybe he is the one close to me the most that I enough to feel his love for my. I don 't know if I love my father likes the way he does so I want to describe him through my mine and feeling. I want to how much I love my father. The first three things, I really want to describe him that is how he looks, his attitude toward everyone, and his personality.

First of all, I can say my father is kind of handsome man. He is not handsome like a model 6 packs, and not pretty like a young singer. He is a middle age man. He attracts others through his clear and shape eyes combine with gentle smile when he is talking. He has tanned skin cause
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He helps unemployed in my village have a good job by courage them works for his business. If someone have a money trouble that he knew, he will help them a loan without any note payable, interest, or limited day so they won 't worry much and they can pay back whenever their condition get better. He always find the gentle and nice words to talk to everyone. That why he makes so much best friend that can trust from hight to low positions. He usually make me and everyone laughs by the funny stories that experiences on his career and life. He always tell me and my sisters that “ what ever happened to you- good or bad, father hopes that I can see your smile always and remember to treat people nice as the way you want them to treat back so the good things will come to you sooner or later. Keep smiling everyday, my dear. So that I can see you smile and I can smile, too.” And that was made him become a kindest father in my …show more content…
I never remembered that day when I was 8 years old. It was very late midnight, after a hardworking day, I saw he was sitting in the living room he didn 't turn on the light with afraid of my sister wake up. He sit in the wood chair and long table. In the light of little candle, he is patiently practicing handwriting,, slow and slow, he copies words by words from my third grades education of citizens textbook because his handwriting is so bad. He just go to school until 2 graded because his family is too poor at that times. That moment I 'm very admired him. He works so hard from day to night with hoping his small family have good living condition and happy everyday. He do everything with hoping no one in his kids cannot go to school because he knows how lost it is if people don 't do to school. With a little hope that we know how to read, to write, to learn the good thing and become a good person than him – too poor to go to school. That is all he wish. That is all he sacrificed for everyday. And this is the reason why I want to become when I grow up – a kind person ready to sacrificed for my

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