Compare And Contrast Conservatives And Liberals

Conservative vs. Liberal
In the news today, we always hear about how one political side thinks that a law or event should be interpreted in one way, while the other side displays what appears to be a completely contradictory viewpoint. Since the United States became a country, the laws and amendments that the founding fathers wrote in the constitution are very much open to personal interpretation. These two political sides are known as Liberals and Conservatives. Interestingly, although the two plans to deal with a problem in opposite ways, both Conservative and Liberal plans have been met with great success and utter failure. Because of this, ideas from both parties are essential for a functioning political system that provides the foundations
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Conservatives think that the government would be better off allowing big businesses to operate unobstructed by governmental regulation. This is due to their suspicion of “big government” destroying businesses and in turn the economy. Not only to Liberals want “big government”, but they distrust “big business”. They think that if the extremely wealthy people are not supervised closely enough, they could take advantage of the economic dependence of those who work for them. Consequently, they support taking a higher percentage of the income of the wealthy in taxes to support those on welfare and other government subsidies. The Liberals therefore kill two birds with one stone; they can support an extensive government safety net and equalize the wealth extremes between rich and …show more content…
In the end, it doesn’t matter what political party gets control of an office or majority, because whether the plan being implemented is from the head of a Liberal or a Conservative, both plans exist with the intention of improving the United States as a nation. That’s the beauty of our nation’s political system, anybody can participate and show support for their side, knowing that even if it doesn’t win, the legislature will be implemented with the belief that it will improve the nation in some way. In essence, the framers of the Constitution encouraged the formation of Liberals and Conservative beliefs and interpretations to create a more balanced, stronger foundation so the country could evolve to fit any

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