What Are The Pros And Cons Of Education In America

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In Asia students lives are more restricted when they become an adult and want a job. This is due to the way their education system is set up. Chinese teenagers especially struggle with this, their lives revolve around one test which determines the route of their future, the gaokao. The United States has a tremendously larger amount of freedom for their student 's dream jobs. Good grades and great test scores will aid students in their college acceptance, however it is not the only determining factor. American schools do a better job at preparing students for a professional career then Asian schools. In America the education system is set up completely different then in Asia. In The United States of America there is pre-school which is optional, kindergarten, first grade, second grade and so on, all the …show more content…
Prior to high school students just keep getting passed along even if they fail. They might just get extra help the following year. Recently, America has introduced a new form of schooling called Common Core. The basic concept of Common Core is to make education the same nationally. For example the students in California half way through the year might be on lesson 7 of division. The idea is that any other state in The United States will be on that same lesson. This has pros and cons. One positive outcome of this is that families who move will not jeopardize their kid’s education. They will not miss lectures critical in their schooling to their success or have to start a class in a different spot. However a tremendous downfall to this structure is if students are having a difficult time grasping a concept, the teacher does not have time to spend another day on a lesion, he/she has to continue on to the next lesson because they have a teaching plan that they have to follow. This will be a struggle for most young children and even older students. The majority of students need that extra help or extra time on a particular unit because the concept is

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