Comparative Studies On Police Brutality

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According to the Cato Institute, in 2010 an estimated 4,861 cases of police misconduct were reported. Within a year, the local police report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that there are at least 400 cases of suspects being killed by police (Hoyer & Heath, 2014). These killings can be classified as police brutality. According to the Department of Justice, police brutality is the use of excessive force to accomplish a lawful police purpose (“Addressing Police Brutality,” 2015). In 2015, there is speculation that as of September 28, about 891 people have been killed in police brutality related cases and this number continues to grow (“Killed by the Police,” 2014). These statistics are representative of an on-going conflict
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More recently, in 1991, four years before the police brutality reform, the first case of police brutality caught on camera and publicly televised was against a single individual, Rodney King. The Rodney King case is famous for its incitement of the 1991 Los Angeles Riots. I am interested in conducting a quantitative comparative study on how the number of police brutality cases from 1991-1995 correlate with the amount of police brutality cases from 2010-2014? These time periods include at least two years before and after a landmark police policy was implemented in the U.S. The interest in this study is primarily to find if police brutality has increased or decreased based on the introduction of new policies to combat police brutality on the federal level. The findings of this correlation will allow for law enforcement and the government to better understand if their policies for handling police brutality are …show more content…
This does not mean that the number of police brutality cases are actually growing in comparison to the media attention these crimes are receiving. In the long run, disbelief in the legal system aided by structural violence through law enforcement could manifest a race war or other structural issues. This statistical analysis of the number of police brutality cases compiled from every state will provide evidence of the effectiveness of police policy. This research will be used as an informative tool to de-escalate the potential conflicts regarding the effectiveness of police brutality

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