My Experience As A Counseling Student

Over the course of Practicum, I have had a unique experience working with different youth in different settings. Throughout this time I also learned about myself that lead me to reevaluate my counseling path. As a counseling student, I was familiar with the concepts of group counseling, however, it was a different learning experience working with resistant youth, especially that was not interested in counseling services. Having in my back of my mind in helping others, I have attempted to help and make the client feel better; especially seeing the clients struggle was really a challenge. There was a desire to help and suggest a solution or comfort, but most of the time wasn’t able due to the group dynamics. It was far more difficult and complicated that I …show more content…
As a student, my goal is to fully explore my learning experience. Being close to transition into my internship program, my role will be somewhat different, more favorable although at the same agency, but different location and different settings in seeing Outpatients. I will have opportunities to learn conduct an MHA (Mental Health Assessment), create an ISP (Individual Support Plan), and provide therapy. So far I have gone for an interview, then I was able shadowing a couple of intakes and therapies that I liked so much and I felt the Outpatient setting fits my interest. I aim to seek all opportunities that will arise to learn and practice and help clients effectively and make a positive change in their lives. I truly believe that this opportunity will foster my growth personally and professionally. c. What I learned about myself and working with clients during my Practicum experience that I wish I would have known before starting Practicum, --the challenge working with extremely difficult and resistant youth. I wish to have had opportunities to practice counseling with receptive clients, instead practicing to deescalate circumstances with resistant and uninterested group of

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