Community Psychology And Public Health Essay

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 Introduction
The aim of this discussion is to make a critical comparison between community psychology and public health and their different approaches to social problems. Each of these models strengths and weaknesses will be examined. Community psychology is concerned with how the individual interacts with the environment and the way society affects the individual. The main concern here is not just the individual but the wider community affecting the individual as well. Public health is focused on the health and well being of the whole population as regulated by the government. The main similarity between these two models is that community psychology and public health share the idea of primary prevention rather than offering a cure.
 Core features of community psychology and public health
Public health emerged as 'social action ' to combat the spread of infectious diseases by promoting general hygiene in the community, such as waste removal. (Gilbert, 1995) Preventing many diseases as well as socially harmful behaviour is one of the main goals of public health. (Tutorial Letter 102, 2015, p.6) Various professionals help is needed when dealing with public health because of all the different factors when dealing with disease. This is why public health uses a multi-disciplinary approach integrating the physical, psychological and social well-being. (Gilbert, 1995)
After the Second World War, community psychology started by shifting focus from the individual to the larger…

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