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Elias M. Rosado
March 6, 2011
Community Psychology
Community Meeting Paper

School Committee of Haverhill, Massachusetts

Meeting Observation February 10, 2011 came along and I was undecided whether I should go to my evening class on campus, or if I should attend the school committee. It is a good choice that I decided to attend the school committee for the next one on February 24th was announced cancelled. The Haverhill School Committee is made up of six members elected for four year terms. The administrators are located at the City Hall of Haverhill. The superintendant is James F. Scully, the assistant superintendant for finance and operations is Kara Kosmes, the assistant superintendant for curriculum is Mary Malone, and the
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The meeting now started with public participation by Mr. Joseph Bevilacqua. He had an introduction of John Lenotte regarding the education of the Flag. Following was the election of president and vice president of the school committee. The person elected to be the new president of the school committee was Joseph Bevilacqua. The runner up and therefore elected as vice president was Susan Danehy. The next part of the meeting was communication and reports. Tim Danehy, President of the Haverhill High School Student Council informed the members of dress code, coffee house held at the high school library, the boy’s basketball team, and a poetry reading competition. The superintendant commented and said thank you to the entire high school student body for their demeanor and positive attitude. The next topic was nutrition and the person leading this topic was the superintendant. He stated, during the months of November and December food choices for children’s meals have been reviewed. The concern of Mr. Scully is the tremendous amount of items not recommended for school meals. Members will be informed of the new regulations discussed earlier. The following topic being led by Mr. Scully was about the goals for 2011. The goals are the following: * focus on student failure and drop out rates, * developing a program to market the high school for students who choice out; school choice students

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