Community Health Nursing And Family Nursing Essay

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Community health nursing and family nursing share a very close relationship. Community health services help both the individual and the family unity. Any nurse working in a community health center of any type will find him or herself often educating the patient along with their family members. In Miami, FL there are a number of different types of community health centers. These include but are not limited to home health care, community health clinics, and the public health department. These facilities and programs benefit the promotion of health for patients and their families.
The community I work in is Miami-Dade FL. The Florida department of health provide multiple services for this community. According to the Florida department of Health in Miami Dade County (2015), examples of community programs they provide are immunization clinics, clinical and nutrition services for family planning and primary care, and wellness programs that provide services such as smoke cessation, and psychological counseling. Public health nurses are working within these community centers providing family nursing health care to patients and their families. All the information to access these services are on the internet and it is a great benefit because today everybody has free access to the internet via your local library.
Home health care is another type of community and family base nursing health care service. According to (2015) the focus of home health care is to have…

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