Community Education For Higher Education Essay

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Community and Wananga education are also options for higher education. Community education helps adults with foundational skills like reading, math, and language. Wananga is a college that is dedicated to teaching the Maori customs and traditions. Both of these options offer diplomas, degrees, and even at Maori schools you can earn doctorates degrees. Lastly, New Zealand has eight funded universities that have specialized instructional topics that earn professional degrees: “All are well recognized internationally. They work with universities in other countries on research and teaching programs, and with the business community in New Zealand and overseas on research and development” ( All three of these options for higher education are perfectly acceptable and high credited options for any person who wants to gain higher education.
Just as any educational system, New Zealand aims to make sure their students are educated and life long learners. Their system is not stagnant and encourages learning through experiences and practical/academic achievement. The public schools are some of the highest funding in the world and bottom line is that education is important and comes first. The system believes: “Instead of sticking to a regimen that no one really understands and doesn’t really tell us anything, the New Zealand public education system focuses on being open-minded and letting children explore, thus allowing them to learn in the best way that…

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