Community Case Study

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One agency that interacts with the community is the local police station and crew. These men and women are tasked with the mission of protecting and serving the community. The do this by policing crime, solving cases, directing traffic, enforcing laws, and at time educating individuals in the community to protect themselves. By actively trying to complete their mission every day police officers provide a level of protection and security that keeps the community as a whole running smoothly most of the time. There are always those times when chaos pops up but it is the job of our policing agencies to help prevent this or to bring it to the safest end when it comes up.
Another important agency in the community is the education system. This system provides care and education to children in the kindergarten through twelfth grade age range in every community and sometimes
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If the content the children were exposed to was not educational no new skills were picked up but no skills were lost either. According to this study, at least, young children are not affected badly at all as long as long as parent help their children to learn moderation and balance online activity with traditional play. (Plowman & McPake, 2013)
A second study I located called, Children, Technology, Problems, and Preferences, looked at the effects of technology on older children and teens. This study does note that there are more pronounced issues with teenagers in regard to cyberbullying, self-esteem issues, and depression. However, it also notes that some of the cyberbullying may not be as serious to the teenagers participating in the activity as adults perceive it to be. The article goes on to note that there was similar worry when the telephone became a household fixture early in the 20th century. (Farber,

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