Personal Narrative-The Communion

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The Communion

Back to my cousin’s home, I revealed to them that I had brought gifts for all and their kids did not know what to do, the oldest wanted to give me his shirts. He had to give me some kind of present. He ended up giving me a perfume that someone gave him. I still have goose bumps over that, I miss them terribly. They are kind wonderful people. Next morning after a terrible night of sleep from all the black pepper, (got up to pee about 20 times) I got up and then was informed that there was no car to take me to the Church. There was one car for all and the dad needed it on that day to go to a job site. So I had to take the bus to the church that was located on the other side of town and even further from Anastasia’s home. There was a long walk to the church from the bus stop. It was cold and my feet and hand numbed on the
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I arrived as the morning service ended and I sat to meditate; there was so much peace in that place. I like churches, especially when empty. About one hour later, a lady made eye contact with me and asked me “Are you Amanda’s uncle?” I smiled and replied, “Yes”. She Amanda’s social worker, we talked many times on the phone before and she later on delivered all the presents I sent to Amanda every month. We talked briefly; she was concerned about Amanda and my sister’s family not being there early. She was very stressed about it. I try to use mindfulness to calm her down. “Be Ok with it, there is time,” I said. She could not relax. Finally, AJ arrived with her foster mom, the Middle Eastern lady that had a remarkable resemblance to Mary my wife. A second social worker arrived to the church for the communion, this social worker handled Ashley’s (my sister) claim. At the very last minute, Ashley, Anastasia,

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