English Chapter 2 Study Guide

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1_English allows communication with the world
Teacher competences
a. The educators uses and plans exercises that allow learners to rehearse and create real life relational abilities for perusing, composing, talking and listening(e.g. talking with colleague, expounding on a past affair, perusing an email, listening to a telephone message).
b. The educator picks points and assignments that permit learners to create abilities in learning and conveying about themselves and their group, and about their nation and the world.
c. The educator presents an assortment of themes of enthusiasm to the learners that are identified with other cultures, comparison of societies and worldwide issues.
2_Communicative Competence is the Aim of Language Learning
Teacher competencies
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The instructor uses and plans exercises that permit learners to hone and create real life relational abilities for reading, writing, speaking and tuning in.
c. The educator contextualizes the exercises and provides a purpose from them.
6_ Learning is an Active, Evolving Process
a. The instructor gives an equalization of exercises that emphasis on precision and familiarity.
b. The educator arranges exercises inside of every lesson in which learners utilize the dialect openly without stressing over mistakes, so they can concentrate on familiarity and correspondence.
c. The instructor arranges exercises in which learners utilize already learned dialect and aptitudes and fuse new dialects and abilities.
d. The educator gives learners chances to perceive blunders and make sense of how to correct them.
7_ The Correct Learning is the One Which is Based on Assessment
a. The educator has realistic short and long term learning objectives for learners.
b. The teacher regularly assesses learner learning using a variety of assessment activities.
c. The educator arranges and utilizes appraisal exercises that evaluate not just what learners know, but likewise what learners can do as speakers, listeners, readers, and

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