Communications Journal Entry 1- Organizational Communication Information Flow

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Communications Journal Entry One Information flows in numerous ways through many different paths in a hospital. One unique thing compared to the other organizations is that there is a requirement that restricts the flow of information; there are other ways that allows one to maximize the information in other ways. When working in a hospital there are challenges that appear when it comes to legal, medical and Organization requirements. When it comes to the participants of communication there are many different challenges that happen. When it comes to a big organization the information that gets sent has to go through many channels. It depends on the priority of the message and how it can be moved through emails by the supervisors or if …show more content…
The internal behavior is to observe, listen, and keep up the organizations essentials. The managers are consistently giving out the updated information to the different teams to help them do their work faster and be more efficient.
There are many different groups or different departments within my organization, in the hospital there are different areas, radiology, labor and delivery, ER excreta. When something has important information as long as it does not have patient information we are able to email and send it out company wide, If it only deals with one area then the Managers will hand out the information or call to pass the message along if it is urgent. When it deals with the organization it usually goes to the CEO, then to the administration team, then directors, then the Managers, then the supervisors, then to the clerical and technical staff. When it goes back up it starts from the bottom and travels back up the chain of command. It usually goes faster than it sounds but It gets sent our urgently and it goes pretty quickly across the organization. The communication when it comes to the Y Hierarchy or managerial communications does reflect on the organizations communication hierarchy. The organization I work for realizes that acknowledgement for the individual will enhance motivation, making the eye contact, being able to smile, wave and nod influences the individual. Many people wish to be

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