Self Evaluation On My Overall Health

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Self Evaluation 1 page My overall health has been on the decline for the last 7 years. At this time, I was diagnosed with a muscle and skin autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis. This diagnosis was complicated by the fact I was pregnant with our 6th child. Once the baby was delivered, and medication was continued, the disease was considered in remission. Fatigue and pain have been two symptoms that have plagued my health physically as well as mentally. Chronic pain suffering impacts one’s mental health, suffering led to depression. In addition to the one autoimmune disease, I was diagnosed with a second in August 2015. This disease can either lead to transplant, death, or be maintained through the one medication that is on the …show more content…
I aim to follow a whole foods diet that eliminates sugar, bread products, processed food, fast food, and artificial sweeteners. This diet will add the protein and vegetables that my diet is lacking. Doctors have asked me to eliminate gluten from my diet due to gluten sensitivity and artificial sweeteners due to the fact I consume several diet sodas a day. Goals need to be measureable
Resources and Strategies 1-1.5 pages
Online or in books to help achieve goals.
In order to enhance the quality of my nutritional intake and provide a framework conducive to optimal health, I will follow the approaches as outlined in Dr. Lauren Deville’s book, How to Be Healthy: Body, Mind, and Spirit (2015), This whole-body approach to health provides thoroughly researched explanations and methods for improved wellness; from recognizing potential causes of common chronic conditions, to incorporating building blocks in order for the body to increase the capacity of its own healing mechanisms. I plan to follow the dieting plan which suggests:
● keeping grains to a minimum, focusing on healthy grains such as quinoa, brown rice, and sprouted grains
● eating many vegetables in as many different colors as possible, limiting fruit to 1-2 times per day, choosing fruits lower on the glycemic

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