Essay about Communication : The Axioms Of Communication

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1. Describe the meaning of each of the Axioms of Communication IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
Communication is a Process:
In families the process of how we communicate can differ. For instance, in my family we communicate that we love each other by talking frequently and hugging each other when we are together. However, my fiancé’s family are not big huggers. Instead, they communicate they love each other by offering gifts when they see each other. We are both communicating over love for each other. However, the way we go about communicating that love is much different. Therefore, our process of communication of showing love to our family members differs.
Communication Involves Co-Construction of Definitions:
The problem with language is that a definition can be up to the personal interpretation of each person. This makes it important to co-construct definitions with those you are closest to, in order to best understand each other. For instance, a parent may tell the co-parent they only want to let their child have sweets occasionally. For one parents, occasionally could mean once a month. While, the other parent may define occasionally as a couple times a year. The difference in definitions could cause conflicts. Therefore, it is important to be as precise as possible with your language and make sure to have common definitions with your loved ones.
Communication is a Process Involving Codes:
Codes can be verbal or non-verbal. I like to think of non-verbal codes as expressive…

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