Communication Techniques Used With Nonverbal Patients Essay

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This week for clinical I was able to work with a patient who was non-ambulatory as well as nonverbal. I found this to be an eye opening experience because I had not worked with a patient who could not verbally communicate back to me. This gave me a new perspective in regards to both caring for patient and communication techniques used with nonverbal patients. I found that this clinical for this week was an amazing experience. Prior to meeting my patient I had been very nervous about coming into clinical because I found out he was non-verbal as well as non-ambulatory. I was scared because I did not know how I would apply all of my knowledge and skills to a patient who cannot communicate back to me. My clinical instructor helped to walk me though morning care with my patient and by watching her talk to my patient and explain to him what we were doing, I found to be very beneficial. It gave me an opportunity to watch my instructor communicate with my patient and watch how she would interpret his non-verbal communication. While assisting my patient with breakfast I found that this allowed me to get much more comfortable with him, throughout the meal I would talk to him about his meal as well as keep him stimulated so that he would keep his eyes open. I was also able to accompany my patient to his EEG scan. Not only was this a very educational procedure to witness, I was also able to provide comfort to my patient in this new environment. Due to my patient’s…

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