Communication Techniques That Can Affect My Own Personal Experience With Listening

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Listening is a part of our everyday lives, There are many factors and barriers that can affect our listening which include verbal and non - verbal communication. Through listening attentively we can improve our skills as appreciative, empathetic, comprehensive and critical listeners(Lucas, 2009). In this essay that I am constructing I will be covering the problems with towards listening in which I will be including the different identified characteristics of listening and reflect on my own personal experience with listening, furthermore elaborating how effective and ineffective it was.

There are many different communication techniques that can be applied to our daily lives, One verbal technique is volume. Volume can help you project how loud or quiet you want your message to be depending on the fact that if you want to use soft or loud voice. (O’Brien, 2008). The technique of volume is very important depending on what type of environment you are in, If you are a coach on a big field you will most likely be shouting at your athletes so they can hear you, But if you were in meeting room, you would speak at a normal volume. Finding the right volume helps not only yourself but the listeners so they can feel fully engaged to the speaker. Another verbal technique is emotional tone. Using tone is like describing how you’re feeling without literally telling the listener, It can help you broadcast your emotions by using certain type of quality in your voice (O’Brien, 2008).…

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