Essay on Communication Systems : Communication System

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According to ( Niklas Luhmann 1986) communication system is a entirely closed system that generates the constituents out of which it rises over communication itself. In this sense a communication system that portrays everything that functions as a unity for the system through the system itself. Of course, this can happen only in an environment and liable on environmental restrictions.
Besides that, communication is interaction between one individual to another individual, sharing our thoughts, feelings, concepts, ideas, information etc. According to the human being, Language is instrument of communication. It based on Sign and Symbols. And also, animals are having some communication skills. It is supported on sounds. Communication is based on four basic skills in Language. There are Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing. These four skills are very essential to improve our communication skills. (Dr. K. Karthikeyan, V. Renganathan , P. C. Regis Jessu Rani & C. Vinitha 2016)
In fellowship we share our thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, offers, and realities and figures with individuals as well as assemblies at all stages, higher, lower and equivalent. Communication is, in detail, the most imperative of all activities as it has helped us establish ourselves as a civilized people.
According to Scott (2005), communication is concerning about sending, receiving, and accepting information and meaning. He claimed that “receiving” and “understanding” are the most…

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