The Importance Of Effective Interpersonal Communication

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‘Communication is central to successful caring relationships and to effective team working’ (DH2012 as cited in Bramhall, 2014, p. 54). Advance communication skills qualifies a person interaction with others constructively at various levels. Horsfall, Stuhlmiller and Champ defines the interpersonal skill as the intercommunication of a nurse with at least two or more people in a way of talking them with encouragement that will help the patient/s to attain their healthy well-being (2000, p. 125). A good and successful communication play a big role in shaping and building a person’s personality. Skeen, McKay, Fanning, and Skeen highlights the different ways of communication such as “body language, facial expression, tone of voice, physical action, and even thoughts- whether we are aware of it or not” (2016). For effective interpersonal communication, a nurse should consider different areas, such as needs, feelings, standard of behaviour and practice. Applying it when dealing with the patient helps build a trust and a professional relationship with them. It is essential, as a nurse, to have effective communication skills when dealing with …show more content…
Every nurse is responsible to know and be familiar of the patients they are dealing with to establish a healthy and successful rapport that will build trust between the nurse and the patient. Effective and active interpersonal communication in nursing enhances active listening, helps to minimise the medical problems and errors, and improves and develops the understanding towards the patient’s situation that guides the carer to what kind of care they should provide to the certain patient. The variety of barriers that the nurses might face during their intercommunication with the patient, could prevent through effective interpersonal communication skill as they are able to manage it and avoid misinterpretation of the

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