Communication Skills Are Essential For A Business And Professional Setting

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By understanding the barriers to communication, we can build stronger communication skills. Strong communication skills are essential in a business and professional setting. When we think of communication, the first thing that comes to mind is speaking to someone; but there is so much more to it than just talking. Having strong communication skills can be what stands behind you getting a job or promotion, gaining respect, and being treated as a valued employee. To be able to understand what strong communication skills are and how to effectively use them, we must first understand what barriers there are. Not only must we understand barriers but we also must know how to overcome them, to be successful in a business setting. Effective Communication builds trust, makes people understand you, and help earn respect to develop relationships (Mishra, 2016).
First we must define what a communication barrier is. A " communication barrier" or "a barrier to communication" is anything that interferes with the transfer of intended information from a sender to a receiver ( There are several barriers in the communication process and they can occur at any time throughout it. Failing to use communication effectively can result in lost time and money. Being a good communicator is not only important, but essential. Barriers in communication include; differences in viewpoints or opinions, the use of jargon or slang, cultural differences, time constraints, physical barriers, and…

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