Communication Issues Within A Cross Functional / Hybrid Fraud Team

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“Communication is exchange of words and meanings, a two - way process of sending and receiving messages (Beckham, King, 1992). Also communication is transfer of information from sender to receiver with condition that receiver understands the message (Weihrich, Koontz, 1993). For efficient communication it is necessary that receiver understands meaning of message and show it to sender through some expected reactions (Ivancevich, Matteson, 2002).” Spaho, K., M.A. (2010) page 2. Throughout research one thing is clear, organizational communication is key to organizational success. This case study evaluates a communication issue within a cross functional/hybrid fraud team within a large direct selling company. Poor communication has taken its toll on the success of this cross departmental team. As a result, the amount of fraud against good sales has increased to a breaking point. This paper dives deeper into the communication issues, discussing; who is responsible, what lies beneath the poor communication, and how the problem can be corrected.
Overview of the Organization and Case Study
This fraud team was put together over a year ago with the intention of bettering the allocation of time, resources and effort used to fight fraud. Before the creation of a cross functional team, this organization had several different teams working in several different directions trying to combat fraud. By working in silos, the teams often overlapped in their efforts and/or…

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