Communication Is The Essential Key Or Survival? Essay example

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Communication All human beings have the necessity to communicate with one another. Communication is the essential key or survival, because by interacting we develop a language. Having a language is the step stone to obtaining a culture, beliefs and an identity role is society. That is why the way you communicate depends on your background. However communication does not always have to be verbal. Also communication is if high importance in order to avoid unsavory predicaments. A person’s personality will cause communication deficiency with others. For example, if you are egoistic and selfish. Probably too proud to talk to others when you are in need. Another reason why one might be too proud to communicate with others. Could be because of each individual economic standing. Being more educated. Having different backgrounds. One example could be that in some ethnical groups, women can not talk to men and look at them in the eye while doing so. That would be considered extremely disrespectful. In the other hand some groups believe that, not being looked in the eye while having a conversation. Is considered rude as well. That is when beliefs and culture play a role. Someone having money or being educated. Could probably result in, one not approaching people that are less fortunate. Because you are too proud and think that are better than others. Lack of communication with others, will result in holding one back from on learning new things and exploring new societies that…

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