Communication Is The Act Of Expressing Feelings, Ideas, Or Thoughts?

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Communication is widely defined as the act of expressing feelings, ideas, or thoughts to someone else. We know the significance of expressing ourselves but it is often more important the effectiveness in which you do so. How we often avoid getting picked on in class or even asking questions, unsure of how effective you are in delivering your message across. How we are usually confronted with formal presentations where you feel your anxiety rushing through your veins, consuming you, little by little. Thus, practice and preparation are essential in effectively delivering a message across whether it is a simple one to one conversation with your friends or a formal speech addressed to hundreds of people.
It was the evening of May 24, 2016, high school graduation day. It was no ordinary ceremony. I wouldn’t just walk to the stage receive my diploma then take my seat. Then having to wait until all 600 students had done the same. No, it was no ordinary ceremony. This time, I would have to present myself as the Salutatorian for my class with a well-thought out speech regarding motivation and persistence. Yes, I was to communicate this ideology, in the most effective and thoughtful way possible, to my fellow classmates, staff, family and friends. Not just mine, but including the family of 600 others. “What a remarkable night” I thought. As I sat down, I turned my back just to see how many people were sitting on the school bleachers, how many more where standing up, and even those…

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