The Three Bad Habits Of Communication In School

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Ever felt the urge to let the world know how you truly feel? No matter how hard you try to say what you want, it never goes as planned. Communication is truly an important way of expressing what you truly mean. Expressing yourself can be limited due to poor communication skills such as, not being able to speak effectively, poor nonverbal communication or solely not listening at all. These three poor habits are very common in schools, work places and even in households. To begin with, there’s always someone asking you to do something and the number one answer on your mind is “NO”, sadly the answer “yes” ends up blurting out. We do this because we lack the confidence to say otherwise to anyone we encounter. We feel as if we would be disliked or even rejected knowing you didn’t say what that person expected from you. In our minds we take things into consideration before complying with our mouth. This problem seems to be commonly found in teenagers, who are always …show more content…
We tend to forget that body postures is an important way of communicating. This habit is ideally seen in schools or even on a daily walk to the park. Normally people don’t realize their postures until someone points it out. Common body postures we use are, putting our heads down, folding our arms or even keeping a straight face. We are so used to these postures that we make it a daily routine to our bodies. Forgetting that people are constantly studying your body movements unintentionally. They then make accusations from what they see and that never ends up being promising. The problem with this is that we give off a nonverbal communication without even realizing until someone realizes that. A solution to this problem would honestly be is to check your body constantly and making sure your body postures are giving off a good vibe. Common positive postures would be smiling and giving a good attitude to anyone you pass by or come in contact

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