Essay Communication Is All About Creating Meaning

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What is communication? The answers will vary from basic answer such as “ Talking to another person” to more academic appealing definitions such as “ The sharing of ideas, information, knowledge and opinions while interacting with oneself or another person.” Whatever the real definition may be, I believe that communication is all about creating meaning. Language is a very broad structured system of symbols that allow people to express ideas and feelings to others.The fact that we process language does not always mean that we are communicating well and in a proper manner. Within language there are four key elements: Sounds, words, grammar, and meaning. As a person who speaks multiple foreign languages I have noticed that the element of grammar is especially crucial. Many may think that grammar is just the “Proper” way to speak yet, grammar is so much more than that. Just as language has rules that govern how sounds may be joined into words, it also has rules that govern how many words may be joined into phrases and sentences. For example, the spanish language is a two-gender language - Nouns are assigned a gender, regardless of whether the object in question can actually be considered male or female. Noun classifications occur in many romance languages, including Spanish and French. Whether it is learning grammar skills from a language

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