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Developing Yourself as an
Effective Human Resources Practitioner

By Susanne Collier

7th November 2011

Activity 1
Today Human Resources (HR) is at the centre of business performance. HR professionals have an important role to play in driving decisions that enable their organisations to thrive in both the short and the longer term. Where in the past the function delivered the fundamentals that underpinned the employee lifecycle (such as recruitment, induction and salary administration) supporting organisation performance is now the theme running through HR’s work.
The CIPD have introduced the HR Profession Map which sets out what HR practitioners need to know, do and deliver at all stages in their career. The Map is
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* Constantly review personal development plan in line with organisational objectives.

Activity 2
HR Customers
The HR department has many internal and external customers to serve, including employees, their managers, directors and legal and regulatory agencies. The needs of which may sometimes be in conflict.
Below are the main customers I have to deal within my role on a daily basis and an example of a few of their needs: Directors | Line Managers | Staff/Peers | Latest Legislations UpdatesManagement Reporting | Appraisal DocumentationPolicy DocumentationHealth & Safety issues | Payroll QueriesBenefit Entitlement QueriesSickness Forms |
A need conflict may arise if for example a director has requested an absence report analysis for a disciplinary meeting be produced for the following day but unexpectedly a line manager has advised you of a potentially serious health and safety issue. Both needs are important to the person requesting them, and I would therefore look at the needs individually to assess their priority and risk to the business if they were not dealt with as a matter of urgency.
The absence report could be to assist the director with looking into an individuals time keeping as part of a disciplinary, which is important as this could affect the way forward with the hearing, but the health and safety issue could be a greater risk to the business and/or individual at that

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