Common Types Of Patients And Ways You Can Manage Them Essays

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As a primary care physician you treat all kinds of patients each and every day. Some of those patients are an absolute joy, and some are… rather challenging.
Here are the 10 most common types of patients and ways you can manage them effectively.
1. The Needy Patient
Not only do you need to treat their physical ailment, you need to treat their emotions with kid gloves. They are super apologetic when they come in to see you, expressing their knowledge that you have more important patients to see. Though it can get tiresome having to constantly address their meekness, simply explain to them that you care about all your patients equally and you are happy to be able to help them today.
2. The “I’m Seeking a Second Opinion” Patient
They have myriad symptoms and have seen not only their regular primary care physician but also a hand full of specialists and they feel they still have not received an accurate diagnosis. It’s easy for docs to roll their eyes at this kind of patient and assume they are doing their very best to be difficult and stubborn, but the truth is, without knowing them personally or treating them for a number of years, this is a dangerous assumption.
All patients should be handled with the same regard and procedures. If the patient is clearly of sound mind and has concerns, it is a physician’s responsibility to provide an in-depth investigation to try and determine what may be the cause of their sickness or pain.
3. The Complainer
These are often the hardest…

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