Common Errors Of English Pronunciation Essay

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Knowing all these problems as common errors in English pronunciation, this was kept in mind. The first thing I noticed is the mispronunciation of interdentals by replacing them with Ta and da. Both interdentals are replaced by alveolar consonants. However, this may be just a manner of articulation problem. She isn’t putting her tongue between her teeth enough. What’s odd is sometimes she actually pronounces the interdental consonants. It may have been there was more focus on those words since it was multi-syllables. Another problem was word stress. While Vietnamese is more of a tonal language versus a stressed-time language, this problem seemed to arise during her speech. There was no change in stress on the words. They all had the same emphasis on the words, no matter the sentence. Though I decided not to focus on this, there was also a problem of pronouncing past tense vowels such as ed. especially after unstressed consonants. feɪkt (faked) sounds more like feɪkɛd, there seems to not be knowledge of the different ways ed is pronounced.
However, I did not focus on this in my tutoring session because she still could be comprehensible. Also reduction of the consonant ending of /ŋ/. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, since it runs in other dialects. It should be mention in the analyzation. There was also some problems of tense and lacks vowels and recognizing that English does not pronounce the words as it is always spelt. The mispronunciation of took as /towk/ instead…

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