Essay about Common Causes Of Data Breach

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C. Common Causes of Data Breach
The four common causes of data breaches includes the absence of policy, unencrypted dives, lack of security defenses and insider negligence [22]. Insider negligence of private information is one of the top reasons for a data breach. This includes an employee accident that leads to a data breach, and the use of a third-party that is negligent. For example, in 2009 an unencrypted laptop was stolen from the car of an Oregon Health & Science University employee which exposed the information of about 1,000 patients. This story and others shows the issue of insider negligence but also shines a light on the usage of encrypted information and device policy issues. The absence of policy and unencrypted devices are common causes that are related. The first side of this problem is that medical devices that often contain personal health information are not encrypted and there is no policy to correct this problem. The second side of this issue is the use of bring your own device to work. In this instance employees use their own device for work procedures. And although many organizations may have a policy regarding securing personal devices, it is often not put into practice and thus increasing the vulnerability of the data. For example, a doctor could access personal health data on an unsecure network and send it to their personal email. The emailing private health information to an email is a HIPAA violation and using an unsecure network leaves your…

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