Coming From Where I 'm From Essay

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' 'Coming from where I 'm from. ' ' As Anthony Hamilton said on his Album Coming From Where I 'm From. These lyrics relate to me by not letting anything get in my way from achieving my dreams in life. Chief Leduff has inspired me during my early teenage years. Therefore, as I follow the footsteps of a black man during my early teenage years who help me change my life around and get my organization going around Baton Rouge and other cities around the area. At the same time, Chief Leduff inspired me during my early teenage years in serval ways. For example, I grew up in a rough neighborhood like Chief Leduff. I grew up in The Scotlandville Subdivision. Chief Leduff grew up in the Glen Oaks Subdivision. The Scotlandville Subdivision is a very high crime area where the police have to be on call 24/7 due to the crime rate. As for the Glen Oaks Subdivision it 's a neighborhood with the most burglaries in baton rouge. Another example is I grew up without a father during my childhood years just like chief Leduff. Not having a father made me go out and get a job to help my mother and grandmother with the bills around the house. I started working at Super Target as electronics sales associate. I also had to take over doing the yard and garden routines that my father use to do before him and my mother separated. Finally, I learned from Chief Leduff even though you grew up in a rough neighborhood and without a father shouldn 't change who you become in life. Next Chief…

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