Come Walk With Me Poem Analysis

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Come walk with me

Hollow again as night now creeps
Upon this soul who never sleeps
Languishing in this loneliness
Whose chill winds even now doth press.

And evermore will scorch a heart
Eternally forced to live apart
Crying out in tortured plea
Won’t you please come walk with me?

CJ Mulcaster

I Will Remember You

When my eyes possess no more
The sparkle of their youth,
And shadows amass around my thoughts.
If one memory alone I am allowed to keep…
I will remember you.

When radiance of life is done,
And done too are all my dreams,
Like treasures banished to an ancient crypt.
If one vision alone I am allowed to see…
I will remember you.

And when too my body lay
Amid the mists of that eternal Styx,
Before a penny piece the boatman
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Er…are they supposed to roam?
Oh no its jumped up on the car
Quick dad take me home!!!!!

All That I Have

And now whilst embers cool and die
Such little time is left to speak of truth,
So take these words that gave me life
As one last time I say, "I love you".

The sands of time ebb slowly to a rest,
Hold now my form in final soft embrace,
Let me feel your heart beat next to mine
That tender caress of lovers face to face.

As angels wait with wings in folded poise
This most precious gift I give, as God to me,
To know my love I ask you now to take
All that I have, my final breath, for thee. Gods Seed

I sowed a seed of grain so pure
Its bread would feed a thousand worlds
I watched the shoots begin to grow
Its wisdom shone as brightest pearls

From far and wide they watched in awe
As roots spread out with rapid ease
The strength of truth in every cell
It brought the chaff to bended knee

Ripened by the light of life
It offered bounty for the store
Its harvest though proved rich and pure
Became outstripped by cries for more

I watched my seed made spent and bare
I heard its last forsaken cries
Could they have killed this gift of mine
If they had looked through fathers

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