Leda Poem Analysis

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Being an editor for my publication Unnamed Trademarked Patent Pending has its up and its downs but writing an anthology for Gwendolyn Brookes, Sherman Alexie, Lucille Clifton, Sylvia Plath and Gary Soto was eye opening. These are some of the best poets that I have had the opportunity to read and appreciate in my lifetime. The diversity among the bunch was very fulfilling, from poetry about racial tension, native American culture, women empowerment, depression to young love. Initially the poems were picked at random but I think they came together perfectly by balancing each other out and ending with fiery.
I chose The Last Quatrain of The Ballad of Emmett Till due to the pathos felt through the writing and because of the focus that Gwendolyn
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In her poem, Leda, it is centered around a different kind of empowerment. This poem is a bit more complex than the last, mostly due to the complicated language used. The whole poem in my perspective is based around a sexual relationship. My favorite line though is the ending of the poem where it seems as though the relationship is coming to a close when she writes "you want what a man wants, next time come as a man or don 't come." 660. The plain and simple, if you cannot handle all of it, you cannot have some of it. No one wants lukewarm or half way and Clifton is insistent on that. Either you come as a man or you do not come and I love …show more content…
Oranges by Soto brings a sense of innocent excitement to me, completely parallel to Plath and the content in her poems, Soto’s poem Oranges stands out with the ending words. “I peeled my orange that was so bright against the gray of December that from some distance someone might have thought I was making a fire in my hands”. I love the purity in this poem, the fact that the narrator was reminiscing of the first time they walked with a girl and I love the details that Soto included like “…. And asked what she wanted light in her eyes, a smile starting at the corners of her mouth.”. Adding the distinct beauty of the memory. The passion, the excitement and the purity of this poem bring about the idea that there are daisies in my

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