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Communication Research


I, the undersigned, hereby declare that this is my own and personal work, expect where the work(s) or publications of others have been acknowledged by means of reference techniques.
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2 RESEARCH CRITERIA 3 3.1 Relevance 3 3.2 Researchability 3 3.3 Feasibility
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Both publications are available in South Africa. The reason that these two publications were chosen is because they are both available in South Africa and they are both South Africa’s best selling magazines. The research is cross-sectional; June 2013 issue of the Peoples magazine and The Cosmopolitan to be used as both contains a variety of differing advertisements of which the content will be discussed. Research will be conducted during June 2013 as this is the time when the magazines sales reach its peak and the publications have the biggest variety of advertisements.

4 POPULATION 5.5 Target population
This is the big population, all magazines and all advertisements in South Africa. 5.6 Accessible population
June 2013 Edition of The Cosmopolitan and the Peoples Magazine and all advertisements used in these magazines
The accessible population refers to the source (the two publications and the advertisements) that the research has access to.

5.7 Population parameters/characteristics
Population characteristics relating to the research refers to the different creative concepts, typography, layout and content of the advertisements. * Different creative concepts are applied in advertisements * some advertisements use language in creative concepts, others not * some

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