Colorado Children Required Vaccinations For Schools Essay

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Colorado Children Required Vaccinations for Schools

Vaccination possesses the ability to expunge specific life threatening diseases that affects people and consequently have killed thousands. Parents will never have to treat their children for these life threatening diseases again once their children are vaccinated. Colorado requires all parents to vaccinate their children; however, in the state law of Colorado, parents are allowed to make exemptions. The fault goes to the parents if their children ever acquire these diseases, but the majority of the children will not become sick. Parents should be required by law to vaccinate their children due to the fact that it will prevent deadly diseases from harming the general public who have not or been unable to receive vaccinations. Exemptions can be made, but if it was not required to get vaccinated, then many children will suffer and will need to be treated. In this paper, I will argue that law requiring parents to vaccinate their child in public schools is moral with the exception of medical exemption. I will be using the judgement of Mill’s Utilitarianism to support my argument that parents should be required by law to vaccinate their children.
The first signs of vaccinations were in China in 900 A.D. which were called variolations. The primitive form of vaccinations was aimed to prevent of smallpox in healthy people. This carried out till the 17th century; until 1796, Edward Jenner discovers vaccinations.Though many were…

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