Color Guard : The Band And Bugle Corps Essay

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Color guard is a part of the marching band and it is just as much a sport as football. Drum and bugle corps evolved over the years. In 1956 the VFW (Veteran of Foreign Wars) Post 342 corps became a competitive drum corps called the Phantom Regiment, with an all-girl color guard called the Phantomettes. By 1970 the group included a 24-person color guard and 10 rifles (made of wood). The Phantom Regiment continues to compete and place well in competitions, including the annual Drum Corps International (DCI) World Championships (Usilton). As more variations in guard were introduced, color guards looked for ways to outdo each other, leading to competitions. Increasing competitions led to the 1971 creation of Drum Corps International to establish the rules for competitions. Color guard eventually worked its way into high school marching band. Music, parental involvement, and sports all influence how children perform academically. Sports such as football, basketball, and even marching band can have a very positive impact on most students.
Numerous studies show that when students participate in extracurricular activities, it demonstrates that students improve their grade point average and these students typically have a higher acceptance rate into college. Researchers have found positive associations between extracurricular participation and academic achievement (Fujita). A study by the U. S. Department of Education revealed that students who participate in extracurricular…

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