Color Difference Between The Black Rhino And White Rhinos

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You might think that there is an actual colour difference between the Black Rhino (Diceros bicornis) and the White Rhino (Ceratoherium simum) but there is not. They are very close in color. The differences between the two Rhino’ are the shape of their mouth and their body.

The Black Rhino is the smaller of the two Rhino’s. They can weigh around 1500kg and can grow up to 1.6m at the shoulder. The Rhinos’ mouth is small and hooked-shaped upper lip for eating small trees and shrubs. Their face is lifted upwards so when they eat they don’t need to lift their head high to reach the food. The Black Rhino can get very aggressive. The White Rhino is the bigger of the two. They can weight up to 2500kg and 1.6m at the shoulder. The Rhinos mouth
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At this rate of poaching there are not going to be many Rhinos left in the next few years. The poaching needs to stop in order to keep the Rhino population alive and the people that are poaching the Rhinos need to be punished.
Rhinos need the environment to live. They live off the environment by eating food and making homes for themselves. If there were no environment for the Rhinos they would die. There are many interactions Rhinos have with their environment. Rhinos have to interact with other animals and other Rhinos. The Black Rhinos plays a big part in the environment. It eats some plants that are poisons to other animals and that can kill them if they eat it. The Rhinos eat bushes and shrubs and the pieces that they break of causes the plant to grow more shoots. This makes the bushes and shrubs grow more then there will be more to eat. Rhinos leave a trail of dung, which they kick over to show their territory and where they have walked. This will show other Rhinos or animals where the territory of the Rhino is. The Rhinos also urinate on trees and plants to show where they have been and if a female is looking for a male. The Rhinos have a mutualism relationship with Tickbirds. The Tickbirds sit on the Rhino and picks small bugs and parasites off of them. They can pick small bugs out of the Rhinos ears and the Tickbirds also clean the wounds on the Rhinos. Small bugs and parasites get
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Many of the people that are caught go to jail. With the amount of Rhinos poached and the amount of people caught, there are much less caught. More poachers need to be caught in order to slow down poaching. There is a new system of detecting the sound of a gunshot. Small microphones have been placed all around the parks. The microphones pick up the sound in 30 second and they can detect the sound up to 3km away. It can determine where the gunshot has come from form a radius of 10m. This new technology is very accurate and can stop a poacher when a gunshot is heard.

Many people believe that Rhino horns are of a medicinal use. It has never been scientifically proven to work but it has been passed on traditionally for thousands of years so many people have grown up believing in it. In the old Chinese culture it is believed that Rhino horn can treat fever and many other disorders. The Rhino horn is ground up to a powder and then boiled in water. The Rhino horn is then consumed. The ground up Rhinos horn is believed to cure things like: Snakebites, headaches, vomiting and food

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