Essay on Colonization Of The United States

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Colonization has been a big part of human nature, for as long people have been around people been conquering each other. From the Romans to late Europeans the idea of imperialism and colonization were very normal things large countries would do. So when America first went into the kingdom of Hawaii it wasn 't that unheard of. After all the only reason America was founded was because of colonialism. `
When native Hawaiians had their first encounter with Americans, obviously, colonialism was almost inescapable. Colonialism is a system of replacing a group 's way of life forcibly. Usually, enforced with advanced technology from a foreign minority, which is brought upon an indigenous majority. Colonialism invariably will cause people to change multiple aspects of their lives, such as: political beliefs, economic standing, and cultural views that were a large parts of who they were. So the act of colonizing a people, in a way, strips a them of who they are. Most of these colonies with indigenous people didn’t take colonization sitting down. “Revolts, massacres, destructions of property, and the like were common in the first stages of colonization.” Americans saw this on “February 20, 1779; a skirmish ashore at Kealakekua resulted in the deaths of many Hawaiians, four marines and Captain Cook; whose bones were buried in the bay on the 21st.” There was a lot of push back to colonization the whole time Americans were in Hawaii. Queen Liliuokalani hated the movement toward…

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