The Role Of Colonialism In The Harlem Renaissance

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Colonialism helped to destruct and de-civilize the continent of Africa while also serving as the basis for African-Americans to establish themselves in “uniquely and innovative ways” (Gomez 184). Although Colonialism was used to “civilize” the continent of Africa, it was the harsh effects that transformed the African Americans into using the ideologies of art in the Harlem Renaissance. Because “black people have always maintained a dynamic and vibrant life of the mind”, Colonialism help serve as a challenge to overcome for greater success and implant significant expressions through powerful movements like the Harlem Renaissance (Gomez 184). Colonization is the idea of "thingification" or the process of turning the colonizer into a thing by denying him his humanity as "the colonizer sees the other man as an animal, treats him like an animal and transforms himself into …show more content…
The Pan-Africanists “aimed to provide a forum for conversation and action among people of the African descent across cultures”; and Garvey "proposed a solution to a racial conflict to deal with the imperialist threat by returning to Africa" (Davis 106,109). Garvey believed that “Negroes were robbed of their history” (Garvey 100) as seen in the European invention of a "barbaric Negro" (Cesaire 53). All the negative stereotypes and ideologies about Africa were European inventions to keep Blacks under oppression. Garvey wanted to spread the ideas of going back to Africa because of the history lost by being in America, and the non-accreditation towards Black history that was apparent in Africa. He used his programs to “eloquently articulate Africa as the birthplace of Kings” (Davis 110). Because of his movement and ideas of self-reliance, racial pride and going back to Africa, other movements such as the Negritude, Negrismo, and Harlem Renaissance were formed (Davis

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