Essay College Worth?

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Is College Worth It? College is a place for higher education. Many people go there for further study every year. Meanwhile, plenty of people skip college or drop out of college. Sort of people believe college is not worth because it cost too much. Most people think college is worth because you will able to get a good job when you holding a degree. Yes, because being a college graduate can help you gain more than the money you spent to pay for college. College is worth it because you will have a better job and pay then you can support yourself and your family. College student debt grows year by year, which means many students are unable to pay back their loan because they drop out of college or unable to find a job that can help they …show more content…
As we know smoking is a bad habit that will damage human health. So they made a healthy choice which is to stay away from smoking. Also at the same article above, Elia Powers said “for instance, more than 60 percent who were in the 25-34 age range said they exercised "vigorously" at least once a week. That's compared with 31 percent of high school graduates who said the same.” This means 60 percent of college graduate exercise frequently so they can keep their body in health shape. We all know living in a healthy way is important because no one wants to get sick. Healthy is precious now because people realize health is our wealth. Although some factors may bother you going to college, college is still worth it because you will become a responsible citizen who can return to our society. The most important thing for a country is its citizen. The government needs money to run so we pay taxes and we can chose the best person to lead and improve our country. Then we can have a better life. In the article “The (Non-Monetary) Value of a College Degree”, Elia Powers states “Forty-three percent of those surveyed with at least a bachelor's degree

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