Essay on College Tuition And High Tuition

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College tuition is a nightmare among people seeking a higher education. Tuition is not decreasing; in fact it has been on a rapid nonstop rise since 1978. College tuition is a growing concern since many of the job openings require some sort of college education to even be considered for the job. Today’s society has made college appear as requirement in order to succeed in life, but in order to succeed one must go bankrupted paying college tuition to prove ones successfulness. Even after miraculously paying for tuition there is no guarantee of a job opportunity. Since colleges and universities are allowed to set the tuition rate they can increase tuition any time. It seems as college tuition went from affordable to sky high over night and because of such a quick exponential increase it has caused students to: seek financial aid and scholarships, take out student loans, develop health issues, and even risk everything by selling drugs just to pay for tuition.
The high tuition rate of colleges has forced a majority of the students to seek financial aid and scholarships. While this may be the primary option students seek, not all of the students receive money. Even if a person is awarded some sort of money it usually comes with a set of guidelines that must be met or else the awarded money will have to be paid back. This places even more stress on the students since one slip up could potentially cost and entire college career. According to The College Board approximately two…

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