College : The Education Of College Is Worth It Essay

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College: The Education of College is Worth it
Earning a four-year college degree is a worthwhile investment to many students around the world. College is worth the time and effort any student gives to its studies since in the future it would benefit them in many ways not just in school or for their own career. It helps them prepare to be someone better in society, have more chances of getting employed in a good job or even their dream job as well as better payment while they enjoy what they’re doing. The way that students can prepare to be a better person in society is by attending college, once a student attends college they receive better education. Its worth going to college no matter the cost since in the future it will benefit the students in many different ways not just in school or their future career but in their own personal life. For instance in their personal life it helps them find themselves on who and what they want to be as a person in society. In college there’s not only chore classes but electives, clubs, sports and many other places you can join to have fun or just do what you love to do and if you have never join anything you can choose from many things in there and maybe find talents that had been hidden your whole life. Or if you have been in many things then you can find many other of your interest and find new talents you never knew you had inside you. Just under half of the public (47%) says the main purpose of a college education is to teach…

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