Essay College Preparation : Pass Or Fail

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College Preparation: Pass or Fail There has been a nationwide epidemic in education and this epidemic stems from high school and eventually into college. With as many high schools there are in the nation how many of them could attest that their majority of students are ready for college. Most high schools would say yes when in all actuality the answer should be no. This is especially true for high schools located in poor socioeconomic areas, and although they may have great graduation rates, but only half of that graduating class would be considered college ready. Socioeconomics have a tremendous impact on how well high schools prepare students for college because they lack the financial means to stay fully staffed with quality teachers. Students who come from a poor high school are more likely to struggle or even drop-out of college compared to those who graduated from a wealthy high school. High schools are not only failing to prepare students in core subjects such as math and English, but also failing to teach key learning skills required in college. In an article written by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, titled Make Students College-Ready in High School, he suggests that students need to learn how to take notes in lecture based class, how to form study groups, and how engage in group discussions. Bambrick suggests that students who learn these basic, but effective skills are likely to help students succeed in college just as much as learning the required material. Presumably,…

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