College Is Not Right For Everyone Essay

703 Words Nov 15th, 2015 3 Pages
Diagnostic Essay – Expressing an Opinion College is not right for everyone. With that said, everyone is not college material. Some students are not ready to go off to college right after graduating from high school. Some students may not be mature enough to go off to college just out high school. So in my opinion it should be up to the individual if their ready to start college are take off a year before going to college (Unigo, 2015). However, some students need to sort things out. While most individuals are a little nervous going off to college, meeting new people, new surroundings, academic expectations are higher etc… which is common some students are just not ready. Although data shows that students who take a “gap” year and do something productive enter college more devoted, ready, and more mature to committed to their education. Taking a gap year could engage a student in a new and different way. This doesn’t mean staying at home and living off their parents for a year, and mowing the lawn not a good idea. This means either get a job, volunteer, travel, get an internship something that will force a person to get up every day and learn about themselves and their place in the world (Unigo, 2015). If taking a gap year off, be sure to be productive and follow a formal gap year experience around the world, or doing important internship. This will help you develop skills and gain experience to the world around you. The experiences will contribute to your college and…

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