College Is Not For You Grow Up? Essay

1771 Words Oct 5th, 2016 8 Pages
As children embark on a journey through elementary school, many get the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Answers vary from being a doctor, firefighter, or even an occupation that may seem unrealistic but possible in a child’s eyes: queen or king of the world! As these children with aspiring dreams embark on a new journey throughout high school, they get the question, “What college are you planning to go to?” While many are easily decisive about their answer to that question, there are those already in college that underestimated the long lasting effects of college that they thought would not happen in high school. Although many believe that college is the expected plan to go after high school and that being a college dropout would deem failure, being a college dropout does not determine one’s self-worth to society. This is because not everyone could afford college, not everyone will keep that driving passion to continue college, and there are alternative ways aside from college. College is not for everyone and should not be forced upon. One of the main factors that contribute to dropping out of college is the financial aspect of it; many students are in debt because of accumulation of loans they have to pay back in order to attend college. According to Robert B. Cialdini, the “Godfather of Influence” (“Influence at Work”) and co-author of “Principles of Interpersonal Influence”, “commitment is being willing to continue a certain action if the…

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