College Is Full Of Distractions, Worries And Problems Essay

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"When I first went to college, some upperclassmen took me aside and asked me if I wanted to graduate. I said, 'Well, yes, of course, I do! ' Then they asked me what kind of grades I wanted to get. I said that I wanted to do very well. 'Then, you will have to learn to love studying, ' they said."

"College is full of distractions, worries and problems. There 's always trouble but if you love studying then you will find a way to do what you need to do anyway, no matter what happens. If you don 't love it, if you are negative about it, if you 're anxious and nervous, or if you hate it or you don 't enjoy it then you will find a way not to do it!"

That made sense. I decided to give it a try. It worked! It worked so well that it carried me all the way through my program. In fact, I still like it today. Once you really learn something like that, you don 't let go of it. It taught me a lot about life.

When I started my practice and started working with underachievers, guess what the biggest deficit was? They hated school! An underachieving student, whether they 're children, adolescents, young adults or adults in the workplace who cannot find a way to connect positive feelings with their everyday lives and work are going to be miserable. They are going to take that misery wherever they go. Some of the most unhappy people I 've known in my life are friends of mine who cannot transform those feelings, cannot learn to love and work and combine those two skills into one. They…

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